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Anemoi Technologies Inc.

8501 Mississauga Rd, Suite 301
Brampton, Ontario
L6Y 5G8, Canada

  • Experts in Acoustics

    Anechoic Chamber Design & Construction

  • Experts in Test Facility Design & Supply

    Design and Build of Hydraulic Drive Trains for
    Wind Turbines & High Torque Wave Energy Systems

  • Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

    Hybrid Systems for Remote Off-Grid Areas
    such as Northern Thailand

  • Rich Experience in Wind Tunnel Design & Supply

    We Design It With You, We Build It With You,
    and More Importantly, We Use It With You

Revisit Testing with Anemoi

Anemoi Technologies Inc. offers complete, wrap-around, intelligent solutions that address modern needs for test facility design and supply, hybrid renewable energy systems, wind turbine design, and aerodynamic and acoustic consulting. We take great pride in our expertise in understanding and simulating physical phenomenon and translate them into the design and construction of various test facilities and systems.

We work to understand, support, and provide the most effective solutions for your business model. Next, we provide exceptional design insight and big picture thinking. We offer an effective cross-disciplinary team that is experienced with the challenges of design, supply, and consulting. We rise above the technical to support the economic and to deliver results. To achieve maximum customer satisfaction is our forever seeking goal, and we accomplish this goal through attention to detail, efficiency, and supportive customer service. We look forward to having a discussion with you. We are confident that we have a solution for you!

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Wind Turbine Design and Testing

Are you looking to design and/or test a new wind turbine?  Anemoi has the expert capabilities to design wind turbines and test all aspects of their performance under a variety of conditions.

Test Facility Design and Supply

Do you need your own test facility for automotive or power generation applications?  Anemoi has significant practical experience with the design and supply of specialized test facilities for the renewable energy sector and wind tunnels for the automotive industry.

Fluid Dynamic and Acoustic Consulting

Are you looking to complete a project requiring fluid dynamics and/or acoustic consulting? Anemoi is pleased to partner with Sonitus Technologies, a leading fluid dynamics and acoustics consulting provider, to offer design and supply services for aerodynamic and acoustic devices and valuable consulting services to designers and developers of industrial attenuators.

Off-the-Grid Energy Solutions

Is your mine, community, or facility off the power grid? Anemoi offers customized solutions that leverage diesel and wind battery systems for off-the-grid energy requirements. Our goal is to provide you with the best balance of reliability, affordability, and user acceptability.