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Wind Energy Design and Testing Specialists

Roland Vander StraetenRoland Vander Straeten experienced the initial development of automotive wind tunnels while at DSMA International. DSMA International developed the new (at that time) test facilities, and he was at the forefront of developing systems that are common in all modern wind tunnels: dynamometers specifically for this new type of testing, wind tunnel balances, climatic chambers, idle and city traffic systems, air make up systems, humidity control systems, etc.

At DSMA International, Roland was at the forefront of integrating these new systems at the actual construction sites, as site engineer and as site construction manager. He also led the very successful marketing campaign by the company in Europe and Asia.

Roland’s experience is unique in the industry, combining hands-on wind tunnel technical design and build with deep insight into customers’ business requirements.

In 1994, together with former employees of DSMA International, Roland founded Aiolos Inc. and was CEO for the company until 2001. After Roland left Aiolos Inc., he focused on wind energy, and again was able to integrate business and technical issues. The unique combined knowledge of wind tunnel and wind energy systems led to a [provisional] contract award for a wind tunnel specifically addressing the needs of wind turbine manufacturers.

In 2007, Roland Vander Straeten and other specialists in the industry with years of energy-related expertise and a passion to build a better world founded Anemoi. The Anemoi group of companies was set up specifically to cross-feed technology between wind energy issues and wind tunnel issues. From the design of wind turbines, including componentry, to the design of state-of-the-art test facilities, Anemoi’s team of engineers and designers create great value for their clients. It is the personality and commitment of the Anemoi team, and their ability to communicate clearly about complex technical requirements that create a genuine ability to collaborate effectively.

Our team’s skill set will drive a better experience and remarkable outcomes for our clients. We can also manage the certification process often associated with the implementation of energy (and energy testing) technologies, making the whole experience trouble-free.

Anemoi’s Business Approach

Can we re-visit energy including its generation, its use, and its simulation to benefit both industries from a technical and a business perspective? Anemoi’s business approach focuses on understanding both client needs and the business model for success, which places it in a leadership position in the global off-the-grid energy generation market. Developing test facilities and focusing on whole system solutions, using leading-edge simulation technologies, uniquely positions Anemoi to contribute on the global stage.

Anemoi presents key internal competencies in wind turbine technologies, simulation, and test facility design. Moreover, partnerships with global leaders in related or collateral technologies allow Anemoi to bring the best energy and testing solutions to the market for every client.