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Model-Based Systems Engineering

Why does the failure of important and complex wind-related systems occur when exhaustive quality control methods are supposedly performed? Systems engineering is under scrutiny after major problems have led to program delays, cost overruns, and even cancellations of projects. The issues with systems engineering typically lie with unintended and unanticipated interactions between design elements that are only uncovered during integration, testing, or even worse, in service. As systems become more interactive, issues provoked are becoming more serious, which is why Anemoi uses model-based system engineering.

Revisiting Systems Engineering

Anemoi has focused on model-based systems engineering, where requirements for component design are captured within virtual models of the complete system. It gets past the “parts flying in formation” engineering approach that is so prevalent, and so laden with risk.

Often, things are designed so that they may be cost effective for manufacturing but neglect the cost-effectiveness of the transportation and installation of goods. This narrowed view can lead to cost surprises and project delays. Anemoi will get you past the systems engineering problem with our model-based systems design and thinking. Tests are performed in the model stage to uncover problems and correct any issues before the systems are in use. More importantly, results acquired through Anemoi’s model-based systems engineering, design, and testing are accessible and useable to our clients.

  • Anemoi team members have practical experience in test facility construction, site engineering, and site supervision that enable them to interpret technical system requirements into cost-effective installed solutions.
  • Anemoi’s emphasis and expertise in whole-system thinking and in understanding business models drives insight into viability and the translation of research, and can help justify promising design research projects.
  • Anemoi can help you connect the dots between your research focus and its real-world application.