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Anemoi Technologies Inc.

8501 Mississauga Rd, Suite 301
Brampton, Ontario
L6Y 5G8, Canada

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Fluid Dynamic and Acoustic Consulting

Anemoi provides the power combination of both design and supply of aerodynamic and acoustic devices including industrial attenuators for power generator systems, aero, aero-acoustic and climatic wind tunnels. In fact, the majority of the solutions provided by Anemoi rely on a solid foundation of fluid dynamics and acoustic sciences. Anemoi is pleased to be partnered with Sonitus Technologies Inc., a leading advanced fluid dynamics and acoustics consulting provider, to support the spectrum of our work in this area.


Anemoi and Sonitus Technologies Inc. also collaborate to supply valuable acoustics consulting services to designers and developers of industrial attenuators to control the flow and noise level. Our work with partner Sonitus Technologies Inc. makes available to you acoustic attenuators with minimum pressure drop and footprint area. Using sophisticated design and software tools, we are capable of offering optimum, cost-efficient solutions to our customers. Our unique ability to integrate both design and supply enables us to optimize the design within the limitation of practical and efficient manufacturing.

The design of construction or energy projects is often improved by a comprehensive evaluation of fluid dynamics or acoustics. Anemoi Technologies Inc. has re-visited the fluid dynamics issues relating to the wind tunnel simulation of wind turbine blades and has found that those issues also apply to automotive wind tunnel testing. Anemoi is presently developing and patenting systems solutions because of this re-visiting.

Consult Anemoi for the design and supply of solutions that fully consider fluid dynamics in design optimization and that push the limits of design thinking.