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Anemoi Technologies Inc.

8501 Mississauga Rd, Suite 301
Brampton, Ontario
L6Y 5G8, Canada

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Industry Experience

Anemoi has gained valuable technical and business expertise working solely or as a partner (with its team members in various roles such as: CEO, design and project engineers, site engineers and managers, program managers and component suppliers) in designing wind tunnels and testing facilities for the following prominent companies in a variety of industries:

  • CIRA: aeronautical icing wind tunnel
  • DTTF (Wind Turbine) Drive Train Test Facility
  • Ferrari Formula 1: aerodynamic wind tunnel
  • Ford Motor Company: climatic and altitude wind tunnels
  • Gaydon Wind Tunnel complex (now Tata): climatic wind tunnels
  • GM: climatic and aerodynamic wind tunnels
  • Honda: aerodynamic wind tunnel
  • Hyundai: Climatic and aerodynamic wind tunnels
  • Korean Air Force: engine test facility
  • Porsche: aerodynamic wind tunnel
  • Vaxsis: Wind turbine design
  • Vienna Large Scale Train Testing Facility
  • Volvo Sweden: aerodynamic wind tunnel
  • Volvo truck: climatic wind tunnels
  • Williams Formula 1: aerodynamic wind tunnel
  • Wind Smart: wind turbine transmission systems
  • (Confidential): wind tunnel for testing of wind turbines (studies / provisional)