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Off-the-Grid Energy Solutions

Communities, mines, and even small islands can find themselves off the energy grid and therefore in need of off-the-grid energy solutions. Options are available, however, some, including environmentally favourable technologies such as wind, can be prohibitively expensive.

Regardless of cost, a stable demand of energy is important to the comfort and safety of those residing in off-the-grid communities. The costs of energy in mining can be daunting. In some cases, the actual availability of energy for mining can prove to be a problem, fuel transport may not always be available to mines situated in remote locales during certain periods or during emergencies or transportation may be too costly. Anemoi offers hybrid renewable energy generation systems to ensure energy availability during no-wind conditions and for a stable supply of energy for communities that find themselves in need of off-the-grid energy solutions.


Anemoi offers customized off-the-grid energy solutions, leveraging diesel and wind battery systems, for off-the-grid energy requirements. All of the technologies that Anemoi makes available are well established in their own right. Our focus is to understand your energy requirements and to provide you with the best balance of reliability, affordability, and user acceptability. Our hybrid renewable energy systems integrate all of these technologies. In addition, Anemoi has formed partnerships with other key energy players who provide these technologies to make sure your off-the-grid energy solutions work for you.