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Anemoi Technologies Inc.

8501 Mississauga Rd, Suite 301
Brampton, Ontario
L6Y 5G8, Canada

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Our Partners

Anemoi brings the very best available energy and testing solutions to market for each client through their collaboration with universal leaders in energy-related technologies. Anemoi outsources select technical solutions to their long-time trusted partners in control and data acquisition, thermodynamic systems, and aerodynamic and acoustics.

Anemoi partners with these technologically advanced companies in order to provide solutions that address and emphasize the business models of our customers regarding their needs for hybrid renewable energy systems, wind turbine design and testing, test facility design and supply, and aerodynamic and acoustic consulting.

Anemoi routinely collaborates on highly specialized technologies and consults on the services of their following long-term partners:

  • ReACT Technologies (formerly DSMA) supplies control and data acquisition systems (
  • Sonitus Technologies Inc. supplies critical aerodynamic and acoustic expertise. (Anemoi is a shareholder in Sonitus)
  • University of Toronto